Edits for Beans

What’s the Deal?

I’ve always had trouble quoting friends prices for proofreading, copy and/or line editing their work. Two to three cents per word seems fair, but having crunched the numbers, I came up with a more creative solution. I now offer the option of sending over a bag of coffee beans instead!

The process is straightforward: Send me what you’re working on, let me know your deadline (bearing in mind that I usually need 24 hours) and once I’ve turned it around, we can figure out how to complete the barter.

A couple additional notes:

  • I won’t touch your book. I reserve the right to turn down any job for any reason.
  • If you have a submission or questions, send me a brief email: abourastamer@gmail.com. That’s also the sort of private space where I’ll provide my mailing address.

Happy writing!